Recruitment Open for all classes.

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Recruitment Open for all classes. Empty Recruitment Open for all classes.

Post by Mitzu on Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:52 am

Hello Cabal Community !
As you can see on the Topic Title we have opened our recruitment now!
The following Classes are being searched : WA & FS & BL & FA & FB.
Some things you should check before you apply.

The Requirements:

  • English is a must
  • Minimum of level 170
  • Mature behaviour
  • Forum activity
  • Procyon

And some additional Information for Single Classes:

  • BL : If you are a Blader pls only apply if you have rly good gear, since we got few bladers already.
  • FB : The same thing goes for FB, please do only apply if you are very good geared.

Recruitment Open for all classes. Id31.php?id_char=5530

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