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Post by Blurpi on Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:09 am

First of all, I will explain again cuz seems that Eternity didn't understand. I am not the same guy with the one who left your guild(I bought account after he bought it from Geoni) , and i say that cuz i found out that some of you gave me " - " cuz that guy left Eternity... . Secondly I was very active in dungs and in TG as much as i could( cuz of exams). I really want to stay in guild cuz all my friends are here. 90% of votes - came from Eternity guys, I was kicked from guild by Lord(everyone from Eternity was against me, i cant understand why), Mitzu was afk for 5 days those days, and i want to say that I, myself, (not the one that left Eternity) made application in Arise first and after 1 week u made the fusion, and u should have left more time so the Arise guys vote more(e.g Mare and Rayne were gone those days and they didnt have the chance to vote). I felt like u tried to get rid of me from the beginning of Lethal. So i make application again for another chance and i hope to get it. I was very active in dungeons( i was in party when Manx got those imba drei boots in MO) and in tg i joined and i helped whenever i could, I was online 10-12 hours per day, (very active) i helped guildmates whenever i could and feel like I was denied strangely, taking into consideration that i never had a fight with someone, and also i saw that there are guys in trial that didnt log in for months and they are still there. And the TG reason, I joined as much as i could and there are a lot of guys that never join TG...

Nickname: Blurpi
Age: 19
Nationality: Romanian
If there would be a scale from 1 to 10, which number would you give yourself if you would have to choose one for your english skills/knowledge. 9

Your Character Class and Lvl: WA 190
Your Honor Rank: 16
Your Nation: Procyon
Have you Alt.characters? If yes Name/class/lvl: -
When did you start playing Cabal on Jupiter?: ep2
Are you a crafter? If yes what are you crafting and what is your lvl in it ?: No.

3.Your Equipment
Weapon(s): Redosm GS + 15 80%CD
Boots: Osm +10 amp in slot
Gloves: Osm +10 amp in slot
Helm: Stit +15 24/15
Suit: Osm +10 7/50
Rings: Leth, Merga, RoL+2, Cr+2
Amulet: AoP+5
Bracelets: BoF+6 x2
Earrings:Drosnin 50 hp steal, drosnin 40 def
Epaulet: EoF+7
Board: K-red
Bike: -
Pet (Level and slots): LVL10 : 1 amp, 1 rate ,30 hp, 4% CD
Runes (and their level): HpSteal, Hp, Attack, Def, Cd maxed

In which Guild(s) you have been before? Lethal
Why did you leave it(them)? I didn't passed Trial.
Do you have friends inside Lethal guild? if yes Who? n0tfunny, Magicutza, M3c4, LSD, Manx, Mare, Mitzu, Rayne, Selfish, Kiko, Ruby, S3gyu and more
How many hours are u active per day? 8-9

5. Additional Informations
Please answer all of those Questions with 2 or more sentences.
(So we can see what type of person/player you are and also we can check if you are able to write english.)

What kind of an player are you? ( Dungeon player or TG Player ) Dungeon and when i have time TG
What do you think you can add to the Guild ? Love and respect
What do you expect from us as an Guild ? Love and respect
Do you accept and respect our guildrules? Yes.

Number of runs from the following dungeons:
FI: 368
AOS1: 133
AOS2: 111
IC1: 221
IC2: 207
FT2: 206
MO: 151

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Post by Lord on Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:28 am

I will open one more topic about you then , they will decide about you that you deserve 2nd chance or no.

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Post by Lord on Sat Mar 09, 2013 12:17 am

Your 2nd application is denied. You lost your chance as i see. Thanks for application and good luck in future.

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