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Post by Grymmj0w on Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:14 am

- Character class and level:170 WA
- Age:19
- Nationality (country): Romania
- Languages which one(s) you can speak (english is a MUST):English/Romanian/Portugues

- Hounour Rank:Class 10(66,52%)
- Nation Capella
- Alt. characters I had 1 FS Galthazar 159
- When did you begin to play on Jupiter?:Around 4 years ago
- Do you craft anything No
- Old guild(s):Rolegion ,RohellDragonz, AngelsOfDarkness and others I donĀ“t remember.
- Why did you leave them?:Because they were innactive
- Have you ever got banned : No
- Why do you want join to us?:Because is an active and good guild and have good friends there and i dont want to be in an inactive guild.
- Do you have any friends inside Hyomin is a RLF and i know pretty good oxACIDox
- How many hours do you play average a day?:2-3 hours
- Have you read the guild rules already / do you agree with it?:yes and i agree with them

- Equipment:
Weapon 1:RedOsm crafted +9 52cd 20 all attck up
Weapon 2 (if exists):
Helm:Osm +9 36cd and 8 rate also +9osm
Suit:osm +10 7 amp 50hp
Gloves:swtit +15 7 amp 2% hp steal
Boots:swtit +5 7 amp 10 max hp steal per hit
Rings:mergaheph,rol+2x1 rol+1x1 adnd crit+1x1
Bracelets:of fighter +6x2
Epaulet:eof+6 (i'm farming alz for eof+8 or +7 first)
Belt: -of guard +4
Bike/Board: - (i'm farming for k-red
Pet (level, and every slot): - garlie lvl 5 1slot- mgkilamp 2slot - maxhpstillperhit +5 3 slot- attcrate +60 4 slot- resist knowback 1% 5slot- resist cd
Runes (level, and name all of them): /def rate(lvl5)/hp absorvl(lvl15)//hp(lvl9)

-Number of runs from the following dungeons:
-FI: 33


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WTJ Empty Confusion

Post by Redtiger8 on Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:18 am

IDK what happend with the account but this is my account Grymmj0w the other is on the other forum but stiil post in this one

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WTJ Empty Re: WTJ

Post by Mitzu on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:53 am

Hello thank you for you application we will discuss it and tell you the response as fast as possible.

WTJ Id31.php?id_char=5530

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WTJ Empty Re: WTJ

Post by Lord on Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:15 pm

Your application is denied.Good luck & have fun in future.

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WTJ Empty Re: WTJ

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