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Our Guild History. Empty Our Guild History.

Post by Mitzu on Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:47 pm

Welcome, here you can get all the information about our Guild History.

First of all, some general informations about Eternity: The guild was made on Jupiter at 2008. 05. 25. (It existest already before but was disbanded once, and later we've re-made it again), the Guild is level 5. February 2013 Arise & Eternity merged together and started a project named Lethal due some Problems we had to move the whole Guild to Eternity which means Eternity is once more Back and active again. Our main channels are 9 / 15 / 18, and our spot on TG lobby is behind the cube seller. We are an international guild which uses English as main and ONLY language. Also we're a procyon Guild. We like to spam many TG's, with great team work, but we aren't lazy to spam dungeons also, as many as possible, mostly FT2 / MO and EOD B3F. If you want to be a part of us, if you think from yourself that you can speak English well, and can play within a team.
Feel free to make an application to us.

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