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Post by Lexx on Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:15 am

Nickname: LexQ
Age: 27
Nationality: Croatian
If there would be a scale from 1 to 10, which number would you give yourself if you would have to choose one for your english skills/knowledge: 9

Your Character Class and Lvl: BL 177
Your Honor Rank: 11
Your Nation: Capella (ofc will change if i join)
Have you Alt.characters? If yes Name/class/lvl: had WI, gave to BOBOC00L and i had a WA years ago
When did you start playing Cabal on Jupiter?: 2008 (quited 3 times and was hacked once)
Are you a crafter? If yes what are you crafting and what is your lvl in it ?: /

3.Your Equipment
Weapon(s): Red Osmium katanas +15 1. ->36cd 2. ->20cd 7amp
Boots: Mytic +9 7amp
Gloves: Mithril +11 7amp 5 def craft Smile
Helm: Shadowtit +10 24cd 11cr
Suit: Mithril +11 7amp
Rings: Killian,rol2,2xcr1(will change soon)
Amulet: aop5
Bracelets: 2x bof3 sloted
Earrings: ve6
Epaulet: eof8
Board: kred
Bike: /
Pet (Level and slots): lvl10 1cr 1mcr 2hp steal rest crap
Runes (and their level): def max swamp max rest crap

In which Guild(s) you have been before? I have been in many guilds since i started, played WA mostly at that time (Televozor ,later renamed to LexZ) and was in Oblivion , Honeybunch, Eternity
Why did you leave it(them)? Eternity was my last guild,also the best guild ever until recent inactivity and many ppl leaving changed it. I was inactive for 2 months, before i went inactive i left the guild
cause there were some argues about nations (i was a cap but i never play tgs anyway)
Do you have friends inside Lethal guild? if yes Who? (will be easier to get in for you) xXMetalMonsterXx, DrShiko, BOBOC00L (playing with these nigs since 4 years and we are also rl friends) and many other
ex Eternity members
How many hours are u active per day? 4-5 depends on my free time

5. Additional Informations
Please answer all of those Questions with 2 or more sentences.
(So we can see what type of person/player you are and also we can check if you are able to write english.)

What kind of an player are you? ( Dungeon player or TG Player ) What kind of a player are you?* Im more of a Dung type, farmer cause i need to improve my gear alot before i start playing tgs
What do you think you can add to the Guild ? Active bl for playing dungs, farming also lvling and a new friendly personality up for teamplay
What do you expect from us as an Guild ? I expect to meat new friendly persons and also to play with my old frineds from Eternity, and over all to have fun times with you all
Do you accept and respect our guildrules? Yes ofc

Number of runs from the following dungeons:
FI: 10
AOS1: 20
AOS2: 70
IC1: 180
IC2: 80
FT2: 66
MO: 20
(ofc those are runs only from my BL, i had much more on WI and specially on WA with ft2 runs at Honeybunch times)


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Post by TuyetTinhKiem on Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:22 am

Thanks for your application. We'll discuss it and let u know the result soon.

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Post by Mitzu on Sat Feb 23, 2013 6:45 am

Accepted for a Trial time,
Welcome faka.

Pm any of the leaders, if you didnt got invited yet

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