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Post by RedArch on Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:04 am

Nickname: IRedArcherI
Age: 23
Nationality: Turkish
If there would be a scale from 1 to 10, which number would you give yourself if you would have to choose one for your english skills/knowledge.

9 points i d give Smile

Your Character Class and Lvl: FA 177
Your Honor Rank: 12
Your Nation: Capella
Have you Alt.characters? If yes Name/class/lvl: N/A
When did you start playing Cabal on Jupiter?: With FA since 2009
Are you a crafter? If yes what are you crafting and what is your lvl in it ?: Im not crafter

3.Your Equipment
Weapon(s): Mithril Orb of Amp +15 (20/3amp), Mithril Crystal of Amp +9 (20/3)
Boots: SigMetal Outra 50 hp 7amp +9
Gloves: SigMetal Outra 2%Hp steal +10
Helm: Stit 40 cd Fail Rate +15
Suit: SigMetal Outra 50 Hp 7Amp +10
Rings: 2x CR+2 RoL+2 Killian's
Amulet: AoP+5, Vamp Am. +3
Bracelets: BoS+7 2x
Earrings: Dross +35 hp steal up 10 def 2x
Epaulet: SigMetal Ep. of Sage +7, EoG +8
Board: K-Red
Bike: Rw3 +11 Perm Dark Red
Pet (Level and slots): Lv.8 Little Gry (4%cd, 1%cr, 1%M.amp, 1% Hp Steal, 3 crap slots.)
Runes (and their level): Def Rune Full, Hp Rune lv 3, M.att lv 4

In which Guild(s) you have been before? eXcidium, Distinguished, Aesir, Qetesh
Why did you leave it(them)? eXcidium was dead, Distinguished had a GM who is not fit for me, Aesir was so inactive
Do you have friends inside Lethal guild? if yes Who? (will be easier to get in for you)
How many hours are u active per day? While u were as Arise, xS2Kx said to me to apply when im 170 Smile

5. Additional Informations
Please answer all of those Questions with 2 or more sentences.
(So we can see what type of person/player you are and also we can check if you are able to write english.)

What kind of an player are you? ( Dungeon player or TG Player )
What do you think you can add to the Guild ? I believe im a good healer + a good dung mate. I dont care about drops that much, basicly i play for fun so i may be useful ^^

What do you expect from us as an Guild ? Well i want some funful moments some nice memories, successive runs and new friends muchly.

Do you accept and respect our guildrules? I read and i do accept.

Number of runs from the following dungeons:
FI: 8 runs (i dont like that one actually Smile )
AOS1: 32 runs but muchly solo
AOS2: 38 runs
IC1: 323 runs muchly solo
IC2: 67 runs and some of em solo
FT2: 38 runs
MO: Havent done with FA yet.

Additionally at 177 lv i ve 1314 Achv Score at total so its pretty clear that im not BI dancer Smile


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Post by mutzi on Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:40 am

Thanks for your application, we will discuss it and let you know the result as fast as we can.

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Post by Mitzu on Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:45 am

Hello Sorry to Inform you but you got declined.
The reason is you applied at nearly the same time to us as to FrostBite.
We're not a BackUp Guild.

GL for the Future.

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